Holloman Air Force Base is located approximately 145 kilometers north of El Paso, Texas, and 43 kilometers west of Alamogordo, New Mexico. The landscape is of high desert country with an average elevation of about 1250 meters, and 300 square miles of mountainous terrain with peaks extending up to 9,000 feet Mean Sea Level (MSL). On its western edge is located the White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) which operated complementary for many of the missions conducted at Holloman offering a suitable open terrain to drop things.

The base occupies 24,153 hectares of land and houses 4,900 military, 870 civilian personnel, and is home to 380 members of the German Air Force.

Base history and early balloon activity

On June 10, 1942 Alamogordo Army Air Field was established at a site six miles west of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Initial plans were set to use the base for the British Overseas Training whom hoped to train their aircrews over the open New Mexico skies. However, everything changed when the Japanese launched a surprise attack against the Hawaiian Islands on December 7, 1941. As the British cancelled the program, the US military saw the location as an opportunity to train its own growing air force. Construction at the airfield began on February 6, 1942 and forces began to move in on May 14, 1942.

Launch of a MOGUL balloon

During three years, Alamogordo AAF served as the training grounds for over 20 different groups, flying primarily B-17s, B-24s, and B-29s. Typically, these groups trained at the airfield for about six months, before heading to combat in either the Pacific or European Theater.

After World War II, rumors spread concerning the closure of the site, fueled by the fact that most operations had ceased. However, in 1947 the Air Materiel Command announced the air field would be its primary location for the testing and development of unmanned aircraft, guided missiles, and other research programs. The Holloman Air Development Center had born.

On January 13, next year the Alamogordo installation was renamed Holloman Air Force Base, in honor of the late Col. George V. Holloman, a pioneer in guided missile research.

Launch of a free fall mission for the Free Fall Test Vehicle project

The Balloon Branch at Holloman got its start in 1947 after the Air Materiel Command of the then Army Air Force awarded to New York University (NYU) a contract to develop and fly high-altitude balloons. In those times US authorities were aware of the fact that probably the Soviets were pursuing their own atomic bomb, so the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) started a study about long range detection of nuclear detonations throught the so called "Atmospheric Sound Channel". For this purpose they used balloons that carried low frequency acoustic detectors to the stratosphere, which would "hear" the compression waves generated by such a test. The codename of the secret program was "Mogul" and at first it used large trains of neoprene balloons and then switched to the innovative polyethilene balloons developed by General Mills Inc. of Minneapolis.

The firsts balloon launches of the program took place on early June 1947, under the guidance of a NYU team, and with support of the newly created Balloon Operations unit. One "service" flight performed on June 4th using several neoprene balloons failed soon after launched and landed in the ranch of Marc Brazel in New Mexico who found the debris the next morning making headlines across the nation that a "flying saucer" had crash. Thirty years later this happening will be known as the "Roswell Incident" becoming one of the cornerstones of the UFO myth. Several other missions followed during June that first ill-fated test flight, and on July 3 was launched for the first time a MOGUL mission using several polyethilene balloons in tandem.

Although the entire effort would probe not succesful in his primary goal, it boosted the development and testing of constant level balloons and paved the way to create one of the most active balloon launch sites in the United States for the years to come.

By 1948 the launches started to be performed by Air Force personnel, and the next year was officially organized the Balloon Branch as a subdivision within the Electronic and Atmospheric Projects section at Holloman AFB being operated by the Air Force Cambridge Research Laboratories (AFCRL). July 21, 1950 marked the start of operations for the branch with the launch of the first polyethilene balloon devoted to perform atmospheric sampling.

From Animals and Dummys to Whales and spy balloons

Launch of a MOBY DICK balloon using the covered wagon launch technique

In those early years, the balloons launched from Holloman were part of a wide range of experiences that involved from their use as targets for missile tests to high-altitude missions that photographed the moon, the sun, and the stars. Another important research was developed in the field of the cosmic rays, using animals sent for long exposure times to the stratosphere in specially built sealed capsules, to asses how these particles affected their celular growing and descendence. This late project was carried out by the Aeromedical Field Laboratory (AMFL) and often this activity led to the transport of all the launch hardware to places located farther north to allow a better exposition of the test subjects to cosmic radiation.

Launch of a HIGH DIVE balloon transporting an antropomorphic dummy

In June 1951, Air Force Headquarters approved a project proposed by AFCRL to obtain more accurate data on high-altitude winds by using instrumented polyethylene balloons. The initiative carried out under the name of project "MOBY DICK" started at Holloman with early technological launches and later went to full scale with more than 500 balloons flown from several sites along the United States. As a spin off of the program a variety of new systems and launch techniques were developed and deep knowledge of wind patterns was gained. Of the hundreds of balloons launched by the Balloon Branch for "MOBY DICK", many have crossed the Atlantic Ocean and managed to reach remote places like Azores Islands, North Africa, Spain, England and Norway.

Although "Moby Dick" was widely recognized as a scientific project, another effort that used much of the information gained on wind patterns had a more secret twist: the development of a then secret high resolution photographic camera and several other items under "Project GOPHER". This was part of a strategic reconnaisance operation aimed to spy the Soviet Union called "Genetrix" taht used balloons launched from several cities of Europe. That massive and useless balloon invasion of the countries behind the iron curtain took place in early 1956. Holloman served as launch place for several flight test of "GOPHER" since August 1952 when Air Force terminated the original contract for the project with General Mills and transferred the operations to the Balloon Branch.

View of a sequence of the movie ON THE THRESHOLD OF THE SPACE showing the Skylight gondola

Another important project carried out at Holloman was "HIGH DIVE", a study of high-altitude escape systems. Under this initiative, the group assisted with dozens of balloon flights that carried life-sized anthropomorphic dummies to high altitudes where they were released to test different types of parachutes and to study the rate of spin that they acquired with conventional systems. Several of these launches were conducted from remote locations around the base to take advantage in different months of the prevailing winds to drop the Dummies inside the restricted areas of the WSMR.

By that time, AFCRL assumed within the Air Force program the overall responsability of all the development work in the field of ballooning, which become an important part of the activity carried out at Holloman AFB.

A singular milestone was set on 1956 when the balloon branch assisted 20th Century Fox in the making of the movie "On The Threshold of Space". Aside the guest appearance of Holloman personnel as extras in the film, a pair of balloon flights were performed with a dummy spherical gondola dubbed "Skylight" to obtain shots that later would be included in the movie.

As far as we know this was the only movie ever filmed that included stratospheric balloons as "main characters" of the plot.

Manned balloon flights

Between late 50's and early 60's various projects involved the execution of manned balloon missions. Several low level flights to train personel were also conducted by the USAF as part of the effort of the "MANHIGH" project, whose third and last flight in 1958 was launched from Holloman.

Launch of the Manhigh III gondola from Holloman AFB

The next year the base was the neural point of another manned program called "EXCELSIOR" which was a continuation of the "HIGH DIVE" effort but using instead of antropomorphic dummies a human pilot to jump from the stratosphere. The objective was to test a new parachute system developed by Francis Baupre for high altitude bailouts. After two more or less succesfull jumps in 1959, US Air Force Captain Joseph W. Kittinger (who also was pilot of the first "MANHIGH" balloon mission performed in Minnesota in 1957) stepped out from a open gondola at an altitude of 102,800 feet on August 16 1960, plummeting towards the ground for more than four minutes, before finally opening his parachute at an altitude of 18,000 feet setting a record still unbeated. No person had ever parachuted to Earth from a higher altitude.

Kittinger would return to the balloon flight a third time two years after "EXCELSIOR" jumps under the aegis of project "STARGAZER". It began in 1959 to study high-altitude astronomical phenomena from above 95 percent of the Earth's atmosphere, which allowed undistorted visual and photographic observations of the stars and planets.

Launch of the Stargazer gondola from Holloman AFB

On December 13 1962, Kittinger and the astronomer William White rose to an altitude of 82,200 feet from Holloman AFB. In addition to obtaining valuable telescopic observations, the flight provided useful information for the development of pressure suits and associated life support systems. Despite the success, the rest of the planned flights of the project were never materialized due to lack of funds, thus "STARGAZER" become the closing act of the high altitude manned balloon history: outside some private efforts carried out by civilians, no new flights would be ever attempted by any federal agency or the military.

1961 will see the first of the many changes of dependency within the Air Force, as the Balloon Branch including its test programs, facilities and resources became a part of the AFCRL's Research Instrumentation Laboratory. The list of experiments performed during those times by Holloman's balloon branch is huge so any intent to mention all of them would render endless this text, however one experience worth of mention was BANSHEE (acronym for Balloon and Nike Scaled High Explosions Experiments), a project aimed to determine the destructive potential of explosions at various altitudes as part of a program to develope an effective antimissile system. Balloons carried huge pentolite explosive spheres and instruments, to measure the blast effects at altitudes between 38.000 and 115.000 feet. The program required several developments including the reconfiguration of a M48A2 tank as payload launch vehicle to allow a safe place to stay for the personnel that handled the balloon trains in those missions that carried the powerful explosives.

Drop tests and Atmospheric sampling

View of the launch of the PEPP aeroshell from Roswell AFB

Another singular part of the balloon activity at Holloman was devoted to test several space probes and capsules destinated to explore the planets of our solar system. These vehicles were released in ballistic flights from stratospheric balloons to study their reentry behaviour in an environment of similar density to the atmosphere of Mars or Jupiter.

This kind of missions started in the 60's with a first drop test of a nosecone similar to the one of the DISCOVERER XII spy satellite and continued through the following decades with projects like VOYAGER (Mars) , GALILEO (Jupiter) , VIKING (Mars), PIONEER (Venus) or programs like the PEPP (Planetary Entry Parachute Program) which studied the best way to decelerate a vehicle reentering from orbit, using a saucer shaped aeroshell. Most of the launches were performed from the Walker Air Force Base (renamed after 1967 as Roswell Industrial Air Center) to allow a safe descent at restricted space inside White Sands Missile Range.

A great amount of balloon flights were devoted to atmospheric sampling. One of the longer lasting programs on this field was Project ASHCAN established in 1956 by the US Atomic Energy Commission. It consisted initially in a single balloon-borne system to obtain air samples at certain altitudes to mesure radionucleotides that had been supposedly blasted into the stratosphere by nuclear tests conducted by the Russians, Chinese, and others. The Ashcan flights gathered dust from the stratosphere, providing experts with a vast amount of information concerning the capabilities and activities of the United States' adversaries.

Although from the start ASHCAN was operated by the Air Weather Service, in 1972 the Energy Research and Development Administration transferred responsability for the balloon operations to AFCRL's Aerospace Instrumentation Laboratory, starting to launch the ASHCAN balloons from Holloman AFB as well continued to support other flights for the project in several remote locations like Alaska and Panama.


View of the legendary building 850 in Holloman AFB. It was the place where all balloon activities were coordinated

Let's make a pause in the history of the balloon activities at Holloman AFB to make focus in the infrastructure available for the task along the time.

As occur with several other launch bases which where part or functioned inside military bases, there is no much detailed information available on the topic.

As far as we know for the balloon launches the branch counted with a specially built concrete rectangular area located close to the legendary high speed test track in the west side of the base which became the neural point of balloon operations.

View of the legendary building 850 in Holloman AFB. It was the place where all balloon activities were coordinated

The place is known as the Nenninger Site in honor of Maj. Richard L. Nenninger who died on April 7, 1970 as a result of the injuries received in an aircraft crash in the Sacramento Mountains, during a balloon recovery mission. A number of launches were also performed from the base runway itself and aditionally those missions which involved very sensitive payloads or explosives were launched from remote locations in the north boundaries of the base.

All operations were prepared, followed and controlled from the Balloon Operations Center, inside Building 850 in Holloman AFB. There were located the administrative offices, a big payload integration hall and all the balloon support instrumentation: telemetry, flight control, flight safety, data acquisition and display, inflight tracking, communications and navigation. Also the building counted with a complete weather station, machine shop, instrumentation lab, parachute shop, and a small altitude chamber. On regard mobile facilities the balloon branch counted with instrumented vans for radio command communications, telemetry and flight tracking, allowing the group to perform launches everywhere.

View of a launch using a crane as launch vehicle. It was the most common sight during operations at the base

As can be seen in the pictures, there is a tendency to use big cranes as launch vehicles at Holloman operations. This has its origin in a then new launch technique developed by the Balloon Branch in the 50's to overcome unsatisfactory results with previous launch procedures.

In this new launch technique the payload is tied to the crane boom before inflation of the balloon and elevated with the crane. The balloon is then inflated and hold in place by means of a roller or spool mounted in a launch platform. The crane is moved down wind simultaneously with release of the balloon from the launch platform, and the payload released from the end of the boom by electrical cutting squibs. This technique evolved from a static type crane launch where the balloon was inflated before the payload is tied in then captured by the boom. Later developments included a vertical inflation with crane and a semi-crane capture system.

On new hands

In the mid-1970s, the balloon program experienced some troubles having a large number of balloon failures. This situation caused the Air Force to seek a contractor to assume overall management of the operations. So, in 1976 the first major ballooning contract (valued at about $300,000 per year) was awarded to the Physical Science Laboratory (PSL) of New Mexico State University (NMSU) in Las Cruces which took control of the operations in fiscal year 1977. The addition of an external contractor proved a success as flight and mission failures dropped during the first several years of the contract.

Insignia de la unidad de globos de Holloman

Although still on those times the group was refered to as "the balloon branch" the official denomination was Air Force Geophysical Laboratory Detachment 1.

During the remainder of the 70's and the following decade, the amount of balloon flights performed at Holloman AFB decreased accompanying a global trend. Of these, several were devoted to military and defense programs. Remote sensing and detection was the most active field. Two examples of payloads flown on those years at Holloman were DUCKY and ABLE. The first one was an experiment devoted to make gravity measurements from a high-altitude balloon to verify global and upward-continued gravity models while the second was a developmental program that tested the needed technology for space lidar platforms to be deployed in future missions on the Space Shuttle or on a dedicated satellite.

Another remarkable experiment was BAMM (Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements) a program designed to make temporal, spatial, and spectral measurements of earth backgrounds in the infrared. It was commissioned by the Air Force Space Division to generate data in support of an advanced warning system being developed at the time. The spinoff of the program would be a sensor capable of characterizing the exhaust plumes of the thrusters aboard post-boost vehicles, a primary target for the infrared sensors of the proposed defense system.

Also during this time was continued the ASHCAN sampling program performing flights in a more or less regular basis until the termination of the effort in 1982. However, some additional flights were performed for very specific tasks. One os such missions was carried out in 1984 to catch traces of radioactive debris from the burnup of the nuclear powered russian satellite COSMOS 1402 destroyed in reentry over the South Atlantic Ocean in Febraury 1983.

From the sands of New Mexico to the ice of Antarctica

View of the prepartions of the GRAD payload outside the integration building in Holloman AFB (Image Copyright Gunther Eichhorn)

In mid 80's, totally unconnected with the balloon activities at Holloman AFB, a spectrometer called GRAD (Gamma Ray Advanced Detector) was developed by a joint effort of the University of Florida, DARPA, and the Goddard Space Flight Center. It was waiting its turn to fly on a Space Shuttle mission, when two happenings would change its fate: the Challenger disaster in January 1986 and the apparition of the Supernova 1987A in the southern hemisphere skies in Febraury 1987. As a result of the unexpected mishap, the instrument -at the time completely qualified for spaceflight- was forced to stay in the ground undefinelly, while in the sky was developing a unique celestial event.

Not resigned to missing the astrophysical event of the century, the GRAD team quickly contacted the Air Force Geophysical Laboratory (NASA's National Scientific Balloon Facility was not an option as they would be very busy launching payloads from Australia for the same purpose) and asked if the balloon branch could manage the launch of GRAD under a stratospheric balloon from Antarctica.

View of the adapted launch system on a DElta-3 truck (Image Copyright Gunther Eichhorn)

After preliminary meetings between March and July of 1987 the challenging nature of that mission was clear: all preparations would be driven by a set of inflexible deadlines imposed by natural circumstances, meaning that the team would have only four months to get the instrument and flight gear developed, integrated, tested and loaded onto a C-l4l cargo plane scheduled to depart the United States for Antarctica on 13 November. A month later the experimenters and launch crew would arrive at McMurdo Station, and the first launch attempt would be scheduled for the first week of January. Leaving aside the busy schedule, the most important issue was that GRAD would be the first experiment using a balloon of that size in the white continent.

The Grad balloon ascending (Image Copyright Gunther Eichhorn)

The launch site choosen was Williams Field Airport near McMurdo Station, instead of the original plan to launch from the Amundsen-Scott base at the south pole. The main reason was the better logistic support offered by that place. The transformation of GRAD in a balloon-borne instrument required several adaptations including the developing of a gondola to mount it and a novel pointing system to get the instrument aligned to the sun (assigned to the University of Florida), to design a solar power system for the gondola (New Mexico State University), to devise a method of tracking the balloon as it drifted out of range of Williams Field (Aerospace Corporation) and to create a telemetry system that would operate from an airborne LC-130 plane (assigned to AFGL). All parties had to ship their respective components to Holloman AFB by October 9 for integration and testing of the completed system.

With the support of National Science Foundation and its contractors that prepared staging and launch facilities in McMurdo and constructed a launch gantry to fit onto the bed of a Delta-3 vehicle, in December 16 the scientific team and launch crew set foot on the ice and started the integration phase of the missions seting up and testing all the systems while the GRAD instrument was prepraed for the flight. Aside several problems that arose due to the complexity of the task, the balloon was finally launched on January 8, 1988 and terminated 3 days later after traveling 1440 kms at a mean altitude of 34.5 kms.

Although shorter than expected the flight proved succesful detecting anisotropic features in the background and despite a full circle around the south pole was not completed, from the ballooning point of view the mission had set several milestones that paved the way to present Antarctic balloon launch capability. Also it was one of the highest achievements of the balloon group on the decade.

The years to come would see a sharp decrease in the amount of balloon launches as well several modifications that will change the face of the program forever.

Balloon operations in last years

In middle 90's as ocurred before, the balloon branch experienced a complete restructuration but this time also suffered a full relocation being no longer an independent group. The balloon program is now under direct managment of the Vehicles Space Experiment Integration, headquartered at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, and under the umbrella of the Air Force Research Laboratory located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. All balloon activities (both free and tethered) are enclosed in the Near-Space Access Program.

View of the preparations for a launch in mid 90s at Nenninger Site

Their main facility is located on the west side of Kirtland AFB, and is known as the Aerospace Engineering Facility (AEF). It is devoted to space experiment integration, verification, and testing and is operated by the Air Force Research Laboratory's Space Technology Integration and Demonstration Division. The AEF houses a 60 foot tall, 4,500 squarefoot high bay laboratory for the assembly testing of all kind of space flight hardware (not only balloon-borne experiments); and count with a clean room, three environmental chambers, a thermal vacuum chamber, three vibration tables and a copper screen room to conduct electromagnetic compatibility/susceptibility testing. The facility also includes electrical and mechanical labs, and a machine shop for hardware fabrication. As occured in recent decades a contractor (Applied Technology Associates or ATA, a defense firm from Albuquerque, New Mexico) is in charge of the operations.

With all these changes and with the operative focus and main facility of the balloon projects in Kirtland AFB, only a few traces of the old balloon glory days are still present at Holloman AFB. The only remaining infrastructure for balloon operations at Holloman is the Nenninger Site that still is used for sporadic balloon launches. As far as we know, Building 850 is not in use anymore. It was abbandoned a few years ago and there are plans to demolish it in the near future.

Only a few flights per year are being done in a very irregular basis.

In 2012, after the record set by Felix Baumgartner on his stratospheric jump, the balloon branch received huge media attention as they were the team in charge of the balloon operations for the succesful feat.

Table of balloons launched from Holloman AFB

DateHourFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
6/4/1947~ 3:00 mst---MOGUL PROJECTBalloons broke free
6/5/19475:17 mst5 h 50 mMOGUL PROJECTRoswell, New Mexico, US
7/2/19475:09 mst8 hMOGUL PROJECTCloudcroft, New Mexico, US
7/3/19473:03 mst3 h 15 mMOGUL PROJECT--- No Data ---
7/5/19475:01 mst9 hMOGUL PROJECTNot recovered
7/7/19475:08 mst---MOGUL PROJECTNot recovered
9/9/194716:47 mst7 hMOGUL PROJECTIn Croft, Kansas, US
5/10/194820:33 mst24.5 hMOGUL PROJECTIn Val D'Or, Quebec, Canadá
4/29/1949 ---FFTV (Free Fall Test Vehicle)In the White Sands Proving Ground range, New Mexico, US
3/2/1950 52 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWNMyrdal, Norway
3/14/1950 2 dPAYLOAD UNKNOWNIn NE Algeria
7/21/1950 2 hSAMPLING APPARATUSTularosa Peak, New Mexico, US
7/27/1950 27 hSAMPLING APPARATUSParker Dam, California, US
8/10/1950 1 h 15 mSANDBAGS - (Test of recovery techniques)10 Miles SW, Holloman AFB, N.Mexico, US
8/29/1950 ---TEST FLIGHT3 Miles NW of Valmont, New Mexico, US
8/29/195005:30 ?10 mTEST FLIGHT10 Miles NW, Holloman AFB, N.Mexico, US
9/8/19506:25 local7 hANIMAL CAPSULE (ALBERT PROJECT) + DOSIMETER3 Miles N of Mayhill, New Mexico, US
9/16/19507:40 local4 hSPECTROGRAPH + DOSIMETER80 miles NNE of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
9/28/19506:30 local3h 40mANIMAL CAPSULE (ALBERT PROJECT) + DOSIMETERIn Strip 2, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
11/29/1950 2 h 30 mCANISTER + DOSIMETER18 miles NW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
1/18/1951 1 h 20 mCANISTER + DOSIMETER10 miles W of Hope, New Mexico, US, US
1/26/1951 1 h 35 mAEROBEE NOSE CONE22 Miles NW of Tularosa, New Mexico, US
4/7/1951 7 hMELPAR TRANSMITTERIn Sweetwater, Texas, US
4/7/1951 15 hMELPAR TRANSMITTERIn Greenville, Mississippi, US
4/16/1951 ---MELPAR TRANSMITTERIn West Virginia, US
4/20/1951 15 hMELPAR TRANSMITTERAspermont, Texas, US
5/3/1951 2 hAIR SAMPLING APPARATUS + DOSIMETER10 Miles ENE of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, US
5/8/1951 3 hMELPAR TRANSMITTERColumbus, Mississippi, US
5/10/1951 3 hAIR SAMPLING APPARATUS18 Miles E of Mayhill, New Mexico, US
5/24/1951 ---MELPAR TRANSMITTER--- No Data ---
6/22/1951 25 mULTRAVIOLET SPECTROGRAPHHolloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/16/1951 5 hDUMMY LOAD (SAND BAGS)Near White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, US
8/23/1951 2 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)In a point called Peter 15, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/29/1951 1 h 15 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSLa Luz, New Mexico, US
9/5/1951 6 h 30 mANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)In the Fort Bliss Artillery Range, Texas, US
9/7/1951 11 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)In Craig, New Mexico, US
9/8/1951 ---TRACK PLATESNo flight. Balloon destroyed during inflation
9/9/1951 1 h 30 mTRACK PLATESNear Pinon, New Mexico, US
9/21/1951 16 hINFRARED GEARNever recovered
9/26/1951 4 hTRACK PLATESNear Pinon, New Mexico, US
10/3/1951 2 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN35 Miles SE of Hondo, New Mexico, US
10/16/1951 2 hDUMMY LOAD (SAND BAGS)Mescalero Reservation, New Mexico, US
10/18/1951 2 hCOMMAND RELEASE GEAR TESTNW of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, US
11/6/1951 2 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 2 TEST)Oro Grande, New Mexico, US
11/10/1951 35 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 2 TEST)Lake Charles, Louisiana, US
11/13/1951 ---MOBY DICK (MODEL # 2 TEST)Oro Grande, New Mexico, US
11/14/1951 15 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 2 TEST)Guntersville, Alabama, US
11/20/1951 43 h 25 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 2 TEST)200 miles E of Charleston, South Carolina, US
11/28/1951 25 mTRACK PLATES2 Miles NE from launch site
11/30/195115:40 local7 h 30 mTRACK PLATES1 Mile NE of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
12/21/1951 4 hPROJECT GOPHER GEAR7 miles W of Abilene, Texas, US
12/28/1951 3 h 10 mPROJECT GOPHER GEAR12 Miles SE of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
1/23/1952 4 hPROJECT GOPHER GEAR--- No Data ---
1/29/1952 44 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)In coordinates 28.1° N 74.4° W
2/2/1952 36 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)In coordinates 34.4° N 73.5° W
2/6/1952 9 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)--- No Data ---
2/9/1952 47 h 25 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)In coordinates 28.2° N 73.4° W
2/14/1952 92 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)NE of Montreal, Canada
2/19/1952 48 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)Hope, kansas, US
2/20/1952 43 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)Aguilar, Colorado, US
2/22/1952 40 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)Gulf of California, US
2/27/1952 1 h 30 mANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)Hope, New Mexico, US
2/27/1952 62 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)13 Miles N od Stark, Louisiana, US
3/3/1952 1 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 3 TEST)Hope, New Mexico, US
3/18/1952 10 hCOSMIC RAY PLATES6 Miles NE of Dora, New Mexico, US
4/8/1952 4 hCOSMIC RAY PLATES15 Miles SE of Caprock, New Mexico, US
4/15/1952 11 hCOSMIC RAY PLATES + FRUIT FLIES15 Miles SW of Salinas Peak, New Mexico, US
4/24/1952 28 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)3 miles W of Arrey, New Mexico, US
5/1/1952 5 h 10 mSAMPLER + SOLAR RADIATION GEAR20 miles SW of Salt Flats, New Mexico, US
5/15/1952 23 h 30 mMOBY DICK DUMMY LOAD + FRUIT FLIES38 miles NE of Carrizozo, New Mexico, US
5/28/1952 3 h 30 mSPECTROGRAPH5 miles NE of Pinon, New Mexico, US
6/5/1952 1 hDUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECT15 miles SW of Pinon, New Mexico, US
6/10/1952 4 hDUMMY LOAD - BARRELElephant Butte Dam, New Mexico, US
7/10/1952 10 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY PLATESGila Bend, Arizona, US
7/11/1952 15 hDUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECT28 miles SW of Corona, New Mexico, US
7/15/1952 ---ANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU) + DOSIMETERNo flight - Insuficient free lift
7/16/1952 10 h 30 mANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU) + DOSIMETER10 miles S of Casa Grande, Arizona, US
7/18/1952 11 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY PLATES30 miles NE Yuma, Arizona, US
8/13/1952 2 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)9 miles W of Tularosa Peak, New Mexico, US
8/15/1952 25 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)West Area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/18/1952 22 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Water Tower of North Area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/19/1952 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/20/1952 1 h 45 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)10 miles N of Tula Peak, New Mexico, US
8/21/1952 2 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)San Andres Mountains, New Mexico, US
8/23/1952 1 h 45 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)1 mile W of Strip 2, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/25/1952 2 h 30 mSAMPLING BOTTLE + INFRARED GEAR10 miles WSW of Salinas Peak, New Mexico, EEUU
8/25/1952 2 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)10 miles W of Tula Range Camp, New Mexico, US
8/26/1952 1 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)2 miles S of Tula Peak, New Mexico, US
8/27/1952 2 h 30 mSAMPLING BOTTLE + INFRARED GEAR28 miles NNW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/27/1952 22 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Pringle, Texas, US
8/28/1952 ---GOPHER PROJECTLaunch platform failed before balloon release
8/28/1952 33 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)N of Aeromedical Laboratory building, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/29/1952 5 h 30 mGOPHER PROJECT18 miles N of San Lorenzo, New Mexico, US
8/29/1952 33 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Near Dyvad's airport, New Mexico, US
8/29/1952 60 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Recovered 5 months later in Clark, Missouri, US
9/2/1952 80 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Recovered 7 weeks later in South Ogema, Saskatchewan, Canada
9/2/1952 1 h 15 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)10 Miles SE of Valmont, New Mexico, US
9/3/1952 2 h 30 mINFRARED GEAR3 miles SE of Condron Field, New Mexico, US
9/3/1952 80 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Recovered 5 weeks later 30 miles N of Kemmerer, Wyoming; US
9/4/1952 4 hGOPHER PROJECTWSW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
9/4/1952 78 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)25 miles NW of Ogden, Utah, US
9/5/1952 32 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)37 miles N of Colorado Springs, Colorado, US
9/5/1952 3 h 15 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS15 miles W of Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
9/5/1952 2 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)White Sands Monument, New Mexico, US
9/6/1952 62 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)In Arcadia, Nebraska, US
9/7/1952 53 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)In Aguilar, Colorado, US
9/8/1952 71 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)35.5º N 120.5º W
9/9/1952 1 h 30 mINFRARED GEARBalloon burst at 52.4 kft. Payload recovered 3 miles S of White Sands, New Mexico, US
9/9/1952 36 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)20 miles S of Ray, Arizona, US
9/10/1952 71 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)Crown Point, New Mexico, US
9/10/1952 6 h 30 mGOPHER PROJECT + RED BAG15 miles NW of Carrizozo, New Mexico, US
9/11/1952 4 hSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSNear Salinas Peak, New Mexico, US
9/11/1952 6 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)30 miles NE of Prescott, Arizona, US
9/11/1952 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)6 miles NE of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
9/12/1952 44 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)In Keyes, Oklahoma, US
9/13/1952 24 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)In Covington, Tennessee, US
9/15/1952 2 h 55 mGOPHER PROJECT + RED BAGNear Strip 1, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
9/15/1952 40 hMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)40 miloes W of Carbos, New Mexico, US
9/16/1952 2 h 30 mMOBY DICK (MODEL # 4 TEST)In Covington, Tennessee, US
9/23/1952 2 h 30 mOZONESONDE + CDE--- No Data ---
9/24/1952 ---GOPHER PROJECT + BALLASTVertical inflation. Load smashed on take off. No flight
10/2/1952 40 hGOPHER PROJECT + BALLASTNo Data. Contact lost after 40 hours of flight
10/14/1952 50 hGOPHER PROJECT + BALLASTLast contact over New England, US
10/22/1952 3 h 30 mAIR SAMPLER35 miles ESE of Pinon, New Mexico, US
10/30/1952 3 hAIR SAMPLER10 miles SE of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
11/14/1952 84 hGOPHER PROJECT + BALLASTBridgeton, New Jersey, US
11/20/1952 3 hSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS20 miles E of Pinon, New Mexico, US
11/21/1952 ---AIR SAMPLER + SEPARATION GEAR40 miles NE of Lovington, New Mexico, US
11/21/1952 36 hGOPHER PROJECT5 miles W os Sallisaw, Oklahoma, US
12/11/1952 4 h 30 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS15 miles E of Oro Grande, New Mexico, US
12/15/1952 3 h 20 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSIn the Fort Bliss Artillery Range, Texas, US
12/16/1952 5 h 15 mSPECTROGRAPH25 miles S of Pinon, New Mexico, US
12/20/1952 ---DUMMY LOAD (SAND BAGS)--- No Data ---
12/30/1952 ---CONTROL BOXSierra Blanca, Texas, US
1/6/1953 1 h 30 mDUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECT--- No Data ---
1/9/1953 1 h 50 mDUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECT20 miles WNW of Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
1/12/1953 1 h 30 mBALLOON CONTROL BOX5 miles S of Three Rivers, New Mexico, US
1/19/1953 ---BALLOON CONTROL BOXTwin Buttes, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
1/21/1953 ---BALLOON CONTROL BOXSierra Blanca, Texas, US
1/26/1953 ---DUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECTIn Eagle Nest, New Mexico, US
2/12/1953 24 h 30 mANIMAL CAPSULENear Whiting Naval Air Station, Milton, Florida, US
2/27/1953 3 h 30 mSAMPLER2 miles N of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
3/12/1953 38 hMOBY DICK + ALBERT CAPSULEIn Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US
3/18/1953 1 h 36 mANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU)5 miles E of Mayhill, New Mexico, US
3/20/1953 ---COMMAND SEPARATION GEARAborted flight. Payload damaged on take off. 10 knots winds
3/26/1953 4 hCOMMAND SEPARATION GEARIn Sundown, Texas, US
4/14/1953 24 hCOSMIC RAY PLATES20 miles E of Van Horn, Texas, US
4/24/1953 14 h 20 mANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU)100 days later 58 miles NW of Pecos, Texas, US
4/24/1953 1 h 45 mCONDUTIVITY METERN of Pinon, New Mexico, US
5/5/1953 45 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)In Grayham, Texas, US
5/14/1953 ---DUMMY LOAD - MOBY DICK PROJECTBalloon destroyed in 8 knots wind
6/23/1953 ---SOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSSepartion failure
6/25/1953 4 hCOMMAND SEPARATION GEAR25 miles W of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
6/26/1953 3 hCOMMAND SEPARATION GEAR3 miles N of Tularosa Peak, New Mexico, US
7/1/1953 2h 30 mOZONE SONDENear Salinas Peak, New Mexico, US
7/2/1953 + 15 hSAND BAGS + COSMIC RAY PLATES--- No Data ---
7/14/1953 4 hSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS10 miles E of Hurley, New Mexico, US
7/15/1953 1 h 40 mCONDUCTIVITY METERIn White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico, US
7/16/1953 1 h 50 mCONDUCTIVITY METERS of Lake Lucero, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
7/22/1953 ---PROJECT GOPHER - RED BAGHolloman AFB, New Mexico, US
7/22/1953 2 hPROJECT GOPHER - DUMMY CYLINDER--- No Data ---
7/24/1953 ---PROJECT GOPHER - RED BAG--- No Data ---
7/28/1953 1 h 45 mPROJECT GOPHER - DUMMY CYLINDER25 miles NW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/5/1953 8 h 15 mSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS20 miles SW of Safford, Arizona, US
8/7/1953 ---SKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
8/13/1953 15 mSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTSHole in balloon. Impact in Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/14/1953 18 h 15 mCYLINDER (Aberdeen Proving Ground)Recovered 5 months later after 15 miles W Collidge Dam, Arizona, US
8/17/1953 8 h 30 mSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTSPayload free fell. Impact 9 miles NW of Silver City, New Mexico, US
8/19/1953 3 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN13 miles N of Hatch, New Mexico, US
8/25/1953 3 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN15 miles S of Engle, New Mexico, US
8/27/1953 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNSeparation failure. Not recovered
9/1/1953 3 h 15 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN2 miles NE of Engle, New Mexico, US
9/16/1953 3 h 45 mDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)6.2 miles SSW of Valmont, New Mexico, US
9/21/1953 15 hANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU) + RED BAGW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
9/29/1953 6 h 15 mDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)35 miles SSE of Vaughn, New Mexico, US
10/2/1953 1 h 10 mDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)Balloon burst at 55.000 ft. Impact near Ruidoso, New Mexico, US
10/15/1953 35 hDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)In Saltillo, Mexico
10/21/1953 3 h 25 mCONDUCTIVITY METER--- No Data ---
10/26/1953 2 h 30 mCONDUCTIVITY METER15 miles E of Dunken, New Mexico, US
10/27/1953 + 50 hDUMMY LOAD (DRUM) - MOBY DICK PROJECTDetected by radar over England
10/27/1953 2 h 45 mCONDUCTIVITY METER--- No Data ---
10/30/1953 2 h 55 mCONDUCTIVITY METER10 miles E of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, US
10/30/1953 1 h 40 mCONDUCTIVITY METERIn Pinon, New Mexico, US
11/10/1953 ---DUMMY LOAD (50 GALLONS DRUM)Aborted flight. Hole discovered in balloon after removal of reefer
11/13/1953 2 h 30 mDUMMY LOAD (50 GALLONS DRUM)Balloon failure in altitude. Impact 10 miles S of Ruidoso, New Mexico, US
11/17/1953 1 h 50 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR10 miles S of Sacramento Peak, New Mexico, US
11/20/1953 4 hCO2 & C14 SAMPLING12 miles N of Denver City, Texas, US
12/7/1953 30 mPARACHUTE TEST GONDOLA4 miles NW of Alamogordo, New Mexico, US
12/8/1953 8 h10 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR30 miles N of Hondo, New Mexico, US
12/10/1953 1 hELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR7 miles SE of Cloudcroft, New Mexico, US
12/15/1953 8 h 10 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR10 miles E of Heathden, New Mexico, US
12/16/1953 12 hANIMAL CAPSULE (UM)37 miles E of El Paso, Texas, US
1/6/1954 8 hELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR33 miles S of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
1/14/1954 15 hBALLOON CONTROL INSTRUMENTS (Winzen)Masselyn, Ohio, US
1/21/1954 3 hSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS17 miles S of Artesia, New Mexico, US
1/22/1954 3 h 30 mPARACHUTE TEST GONDOLA15 miles ENE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
1/27/1954 2 h 40 mSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS15 miles NNW of Artesia, New Mexico, US
1/28/1954 3 h 45 mDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)18 miles S of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
2/2/1954 1 hRED BAG + RADAR TARGETSNear Mule Peak, New Mexico, US
2/3/1954 7 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR16 miles S of Dunken, New Mexico, US
2/5/1954 2 h 35 mMOBY DICK BOX8 miles S of Escondida, New Mexico, US
2/10/1954 8 h 30 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR5 miles NE of Fluvanna, Texas, US
2/11/1954 2 h 30 mLAUNCH AND PARACHUTE TESTNear Artesia, New Mexico, US
2/23/1954 24 hANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU)10 miles SW of Eldorado, New Mexico, US
3/3/1954 9 hELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATORIn Twin Buttes, New Mexico, US
3/5/1954 12 hBALLOON CONTROL BOX + CAMERA8 miles NW of Kermit, Texas, US
3/12/1954 27 h 45 mANIMAL CAPSULE (NYU)20 miles E of Paris, Texas, US
3/16/1954 38 hELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATORTracked by aircraft to Georgia coast. Landing in Portugal
3/18/1954 2 h 30 mPROJECT STOVE PIPE--- No Data ---
3/26/1954 8 h 30 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR8 miles E of Memphis, Texas, US
4/1/1954 8 h 40 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR2 miles NE of Gould, Oklahoma, US
4/6/1954 2 h 30 mPROJECT STOVE PIPE--- No Data ---
4/6/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR18 miles ESE of Jal, New Mexico, US
4/15/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR18 miles ENE of Artesia, New Mexico, US
4/19/1954 3 hBALLOON CONTROL BOX + CAMERA + REEL + ANTENNA20 miles N of Dunken, New Mexico, US
4/22/1954 8 h 10 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR20 miles E of Roswell, New Mexico, US
4/27/1954 12 hBALLOON CONTROL BOX8 miles NW of Kermit, Texas, US
4/27/1954 8 h 10 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR15 miles SE of Salt Flats, New Mexico, US
4/30/1954 6 h 45 mCYLINDER (Aberdeen Proving Ground)40 miles NNE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
5/3/1954 8 h 30 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR4 miles SW of Escondida, New Mexico, US
5/7/1954 2 h 45 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS20 miles S of Pinon, New Mexico, US
5/11/1954 30 hCYLINDER (Aberdeen Proving Ground)--- No Data ---
5/12/1954 3 h 30 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSBalloon failure during float. Impact 17 miles SE of Oro Grande, New Mexico, US
5/12/1954 8 h 10 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR15 miles NE of Organ, New Mexico, US
5/20/1954 3 h 40 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS14 miles SSE of Skillet Knob, New Mexico, US
5/24/1954 20 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR4 miles of Launch Area, New Mexico, US
5/25/1954 9 h 15 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR25 miles NW of Salinas Peak, New Mexico, US
5/27/1954 4 hDUMMY LOAD (CYLINDER)12 miles ENE of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
5/28/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR4 miles SE of Wood, New Mexico, US
6/1/1954 1 h 30 mPROJECT STOVE PIPE--- No Data ---
6/2/1954 8 hELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR40 miles WNW from Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
6/8/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR40 miles NW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
6/11/1954 ---PROJECT STOVE PIPE--- No Data ---
6/14/1954 7 h 20 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR10 miles SE of Ruidoso, New Mexico, US
6/17/1954 30 mSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS10 miles N of the Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US,
6/18/1954 ---SUN SEEKER--- No Data ---
6/18/1954 36 hSKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
6/22/1954 ---SKY BRIGHTNESS MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
6/22/1954 8 h 15 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATORNear Coolidge Dam, Arizona, US
6/23/1954 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYInsufficient lift of the balloon. Impact in windscreen area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
6/24/19547:30 local---ANIMAL CAPSULEFailure of the balloon at launch
6/28/1954 3 h 55 mANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn Mayhill, New Mexico, US
6/29/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR23 miles N of Solomon, Arizona, US
6/30/1954 3 hANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY10 miles SSW of the Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US,
7/7/1954 8 h 25 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR6 miles E of Tombstone, Arizona, US
7/13/1954 20 mPARACHUTE TEST GONDOLA2 miles N of windscreen area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
7/14/1954 2 h 15 mANIMAL AEROMEDICAL CAPSULE8 miles NNW of Hatch, New Mexico, US
7/15/1954 1 h 15 mELECTROSTATIC PRECIPITATOR--- No Data ---
7/23/1954 2 h 20 mCARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENTS10 miles NNW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
7/27/1954 1 h 20 mPARACHUTE TEST GONDOLABalloon burst at 50.300 ft. Impact 15 miles WNW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
7/28/1954 2 h 30 mCARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENTS2 miles N of Nutt, New Mexico, US
7/30/1954 3 h 20 mCARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENTS5 miles E of Arrey, New Mexico, US
8/5/1954 15 mCARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENTSBalloon failure at launch. Impact in windscreen area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/9/1954 2 h 25 mCARBON DIOXIDE MEASUREMENTS23 miles NW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
8/17/1954 20 mPARACHUTE TEST GONDOLANear windscreen area, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
9/2/1954 2 h 55 mDUMMY ANIMAL GONDOLA8 miles S of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
9/9/1954 4 h 20 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS6 miles WNW of Hatch, New Mexico, US
9/16/1954 2 h 25 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS3 miles SE of Dunken, New Mexico, US
9/17/1954 ---SOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSLaunch failure in turbulance at base of inversion
9/21/1954 8 h 15 mRADAR TRANSPONDER + COSMIC RAY PLATES5 miles SSE of Hurley, New Mexico, US
9/22/1954 4 h 30 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTSElephant Butte Dam, New Mexico, US
9/23/1954 5 h 10 mSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS10 miles NW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
9/28/1954 6 hSOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS3 miles E of Bent, New Mexico, US
10/12/1954 27 hANIMAL CAPSULE + EMULSION PLATES20 miles WSW of Roswell, New Mexico, US
10/25/1954 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
12/1/1954 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the Holloman base
12/2/1954 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY12 miles S of Artesia, New Mexico, US,
12/6/1954 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYnear Twin Buttes, New Mexico, US
12/9/1954 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY3 miles W of Twin Buttes, New Mexico, US
1/27/1955 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/2/19557:45 mst---ANIMAL CAPSULE + PARACHUTE TESTFailure at launch
2/3/19557:18 mst1 h 3 mANIMAL CAPSULE + PARACHUTE TESTFlight terminated at 40.000 ft
2/23/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY28 miles E of Roswell, New Mexico, US
3/1/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY25 miles S of Caprock, New Mexico, US
3/3/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY25 miles E/NE of Caprock, New Mexico, US
5/12/19555:47 mst2 hTECHNOLOGICAL FLIGHTBalloon burst at altitude
6/7/19556:02 mst---ANIMAL CAPSULEFailure at launch
6/15/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY5 miles NE of Dunkin, New Mexico, US
6/17/19555:42 mst~ 17 hANIMAL CAPSULENear Williams AFB, Arizona, US
6/22/19555:59 local2 h 55 mINFRARED SPECTROGRAPH--- No Data ---
6/23/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY35 miles SW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
6/29/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the White Sands Missile Range, 25 miles W of Three Rivers, New Mexico, US
7/7/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the White Sands Missile Range, 13 miles W of Tularosa Peak, New Mexico, US
7/15/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY15 miles NE of Hatch, New Mexico, US, US
8/26/1955 ---MISSILE TARGET--- No Data ---
11/17/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY8 miles NE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
11/21/1955 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the Holloman base
11/29/195521:30 CST---ANIMAL CAPSULENo Flight. Failure of the launch system.
1/25/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the Holloman base
2/8/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY20 miles south of Roswell, New Mexico, US
2/11/19569:45 CST30 hANIMAL CAPSULE5 Miles NE of Arkadelphia, Arkansas, US
2/21/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY20 miles E of Dunkin, New Mexico, US
2/21/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the Holloman base
4/10/19566:58 CST3 h 50 mANIMAL CAPSULE + TRACK PLATES15 Miles S of Hope, New Mexico, US
5/18/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY--- No Data ---
5/22/1956 ?ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY--- No Data ---
8/21/1956 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn the Holloman base
10/12/1956 ---SHOT BAGS--- No Data ---
10/12/1956 ---SHOT BAGS--- No Data ---
5/16/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYIn White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, US
5/29/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY25 miles NW os Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
6/4/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY11 miles N of Las Cruces, New Mexico, US, US
6/6/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY17 miles S of the Holloman Base, New Mexico, US, US
6/7/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the Holloman Base - New Mexico
6/11/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYW of San Agustin Pass - New Mexico
6/13/1957 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the Holloman Base - New Mexico
9/25/1957 ---SODIUM CLOUD EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
1/29/1958 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY20 miles S of Alamogordo, New Mexico, US, US
6/12/19586:15 local6 h 45 mINFRARED SPECTROGRAPH--- No Data ---
10/7/1958 ---MANHIGH III - (McClure) - Failed FlightBalloon destroyed during inflation
10/8/19586:25 local~ 12 hMANHIGH III - (McClure)Near Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US, USA
1/9/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, US
1/14/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY30 miles E/SE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
1/14/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/30/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/30/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/30/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, US
2/4/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY1 Mile N of Bent, New Mexico, US, US
2/6/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY--- No Data ---
2/10/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico, US
2/11/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY--- No Data ---
2/12/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/14/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMY30 miles W of Holloman, New Mexico, US
2/16/1959 ---ANTHROPOMORPHIC DUMMYinside the Mesacalero Apache Reservation - New Mexico
2/19/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/27/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker on ground
3/6/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/6/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/12/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNError in inflation
3/13/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/17/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/24/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/1/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/2/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/29/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 55.000 ft
5/5/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/6/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker. Max. Altitude 82.000 ft
5/8/19595:15 local12 hRADIOMETERNear Bingham, New Mexico, US
5/21/19592:41 local4 hSKY-CAR (Fulgham - Kaufman - Kittinger)10 miles NW of Roswell, New Mexico, US
6/8/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker. Attained 35.000 ft only.
6/10/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/17/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/24/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker. Max. Altitude 20.000 ft
6/26/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/29/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 45.000 ft
7/7/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/10/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/17/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/4/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/13/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 42.000 ft
8/19/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/21/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/24/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/26/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/22/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 116.000 ft
9/25/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker
10/6/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 42.000 ft
10/8/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/16/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/23/1959 ---BALLOON TEST--- No Data ---
11/16/1959 ---EXCELSIOR I (Kittinger)--- No Data ---
12/3/1959 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
12/11/1959 ---EXCELSIOR II (Kittinger)--- No Data ---
1/8/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/20/1960 ---MANNED FLIGHT--- No Data ---
1/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/30/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/19/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/3/1960 ---PROJECT STARGAZER TESTBalloon burst at 30.000 ft
3/8/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 55.000 ft
3/9/1960 ---PROJECT STARGAZER TESTBalloon burst at 56.600 ft
3/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/1/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/5/1960 ---DISCOVERER NOSECONEIn the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, US
4/8/1960 ---DISCOVERER NOSECONEIn the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, US
4/13/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon Failure
4/15/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/18/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/23/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/26/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/3/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/6/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/6/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/10/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/12/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/13/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/21/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/24/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/28/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/3/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/8/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/19/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/19/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/23/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/25/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/25/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/29/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/21/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/26/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/2/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/4/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/4/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 31.000 ft
8/16/19605:29 local---EXCELSIOR III (Kittinger)In a predetermined zone of the White Sands Missile Range W of launch site.
8/29/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/30/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/8/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon leaker
9/9/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure
9/13/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/16/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/21/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/22/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure
9/27/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/29/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/5/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/12/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/19/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNLoad tapes failure during launch
10/21/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
10/28/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
11/2/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNInflation error
11/3/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
12/15/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
12/16/1960 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNOverinflated
2/2/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 32.700 ft
2/7/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
2/28/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/1/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/2/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/8/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/14/1961 2 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/21/1961 2 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/4/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon broke on release
4/12/1961 2 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/14/1961 ---PROJECT STARGAZER TESTBalloon burst at 45.000 ft
4/19/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 82.000 ft
5/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 54.500 ft
5/17/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon burst at 64.000 ft
6/6/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/16/1961 ---PROJECT STARGAZER TESTBalloon burst at 41.000 ft
6/28/19618:10 local1 h 40 mCREE MISSILE (Ballute Test)--- No Data ---
7/6/19617:20 local---CREE MISSILE (Ballute Test)The payload was prematurely released after launch
7/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/20/19615:40 local2 h 5 mCREE MISSILE (Ballute Test)--- No Data ---
8/10/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/10/1961 10 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/31/19617:47 local2 h 30 mCREE MISSILE (Ballute Test)--- No Data ---
9/9/1961 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/29/19627:33 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
3/21/19628:30 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/5/19623:49 mst~ 6 hINTERFEROMETER SPECTROMETERS--- No Data ---
4/9/1962 ---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/19/19625:44 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
5/10/1962 1 hNUCLEAR EMULSIONSFailed mission. The balloon ascended only to 75.000 feet and started to descend at once.
5/14/1962 8 hNUCLEAR EMULSIONS--- No Data ---
5/17/19627:31 mst---SUN PHOTOMETERS10 miles SW of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, US
5/17/19628:18 mst---SUN PHOTOMETERS10 miles SW of Santa Rosa, New Mexico, US
5/23/19626:00 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
8/2/19621:27 mst2 hINTERFEROMETER SPECTROMETERSBalloon burst at 54.000 ft. Payload landed 5 miles E of Whitetail, New Mexico, US
8/28/19628:47 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
10/20/1962 36 hSKYTOP PROJECT--- No Data ---
10/23/19627:17 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
10/29/19628:02 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
10/30/1962 36 hPROJECT STARGAZER - TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
12/13/196211:30 local18 h 30 mSTARGAZER (Kittinger - White)Near Lordsburg, New Mexico, US, USA
1/17/19639:12 MST5 hOBSERVATION OF THE INFRARED SOLAR SPECTRALake of the Ozarks, Missouri, US
3/14/19637:31 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
3/20/19637:15 mst---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/20/1963 ---STARGAZER II (Kittinger - White)Aborted flight. Balloon separated from gondola prematurely before launch. Landed near Roswell, New Mexico, US
5/4/1963 7 h 45 mBAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
5/11/1963 12 hBAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
7/18/1963 100 hBALLOON PERFORMANCE TEST--- No Data ---
8/6/1963 8 hHIGH ENERGY NEUTRON DETECTOR--- No Data ---
9/13/1963 ~4 hWATER VAPOUR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
9/20/1963 7 h 30 mWATER VAPOUR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
9/24/1963 3 h 30 mWATER VAPOUR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
9/27/1963 1 hRECOVERY SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
10/1/1963 3 h 30 mREENTRY SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
10/2/1963 ---COSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
10/3/1963 ~7 hWATER VAPOUR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
10/8/1963 28 hCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
10/11/1963 9 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
10/15/1963 28 hCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
2/13/1964 ~ 5 hTECNOLOGICAL FLIGHT--- No Data ---
2/21/1964 6 h 30 mBAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
2/26/1964 6 hBALLOON DYNAMICS TEST--- No Data ---
3/12/1964 6 hHIGH ENERGY NEUTRON DETECTOR--- No Data ---
3/26/1964 4 hWATER VAPOUR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
5/14/19645:47 mst5 hGRATING SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/19/1964 28 hHIGH ENERGY NEUTRON DETECTOR--- No Data ---
6/2/1964 28 hHIGH ENERGY NEUTRON DETECTOR--- No Data ---
6/30/1964 9 hCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
8/26/19647:41 mst4 hUV SPECTROPHOTOPOLARIMETER--- No Data ---
9/30/1964 7 hAPRE (Aerospace Photographic Reconnaissance Experiment)--- No Data ---
10/28/1964 7 h 30 mBAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
10/30/1964 5 hBALLOON EVALUATION--- No Data ---
11/7/1964 38 hATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
11/18/1964 5 h'C' LAUNCH TECHNIQUE TEST--- No Data ---
12/9/19648:47 mst4 hINFRARED BACKGROUND MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
1/14/1965 5 hFROST POINT HYGROMETER70 miles ESE of El Paso, Texas, US
1/22/1965 3 hBALLOON TESTBalloon burst at 61.000 ft
1/29/1965 6 hBALLOON TEST6 miles WSW of Del City, Texas, US
2/5/1965 6 hCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
2/18/1965 9 hPHOTOGRAPHIC SPARK CHAMBER35 miles SW of Lubbock, Texas, US
3/20/1965 ---ASTROPHYSICS EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
4/8/1965 5 hTEST OF CAPPED BALLOON--- No Data ---
5/14/1965 6 h 30 mAPRE (Aerospace Photographic Reconnaissance Experiment)--- No Data ---
6/23/1965 4 hAPRE (Aerospace Photographic Reconnaissance Experiment)--- No Data ---
7/1/19654:42 mst10 hUV SPECTROPHOTOPOLARIMETERNear Coolidge, Arizona, US
7/21/1965 2 hX-RAY DENSITOMETER--- No Data ---
8/10/1965 5 hMICHELSON INTERFEROMETER--- No Data ---
8/27/1965 3 h 30 mTEST OF VITRO RECOVERY SYSTEM--- No Data ---
8/30/1965 3 h 30 mTEST OF X-124 BALLOON FILM--- No Data ---
9/1/1965 5 h 30 mAPRE (Aerospace Photographic Reconnaissance Experiment)--- No Data ---
9/10/1965 10 hBAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
9/21/1965 11 hTEST OF STRATOFILM BALLOON--- No Data ---
10/13/1965 12 hTEST OF STRATOFILM BALLOON--- No Data ---
10/20/1965 7 hBALLOON SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
11/16/1965 3 hUHF RELAY TEST--- No Data ---
11/30/1965 4 h 50 mUHF RELAY TEST--- No Data ---
12/6/1965 11 h 50 mCOSMIC RAY AND X-RAY SAMPLING--- No Data ---
12/7/1965 1 h 30 mUHF RELAY TESTBalloon burst at tropopause
1/11/1966 1 hCOSMIC RAY AND X-RAY SAMPLINGBalloon failure
1/13/1966 10 h 20 mCOSMIC RAY AND X-RAY SAMPLING50 mi. N of Memphis, Tennessee, US
2/4/1966 11 h 30 mSKYTOP PROJECT - INFRARED MAPPING OF THE MOON25 miles N of Mineral Wells, Texas, US
2/23/1966 7 h 20 m BAL-AST (Balloon Astronomy)--- No Data ---
2/24/1966 7 h 20 mPRIMARY RADIATION MEASUREMENTS90 miles SSE of Childress, Texas, US
3/7/1966 7 h 10 mHUMIDITY MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
3/8/1966 3 h 30 mINFRARED MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
4/14/1966 31 h 25 mPHOTOGRAPHIC SPARK CHAMBER--- No Data ---
4/18/1966 ---BALLOON TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
4/27/1966 ---X-RAY DETECTOR--- No Data ---
5/6/1966 1 h 25 mBALLOON-BORNE INSTRUMENTATION TEST--- No Data ---
5/25/1966 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/26/1966 ---PEPP (Planetary Entry Parachute Program) - TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
6/2/1966 8 hGAMMA RADIATION RESEARCHBalloon failure
6/6/1966 13 h 30 mHEAVY PRIMARY COSMIC RADIATION--- No Data ---
6/22/1966 ---VOYAGER PROBE BALLOON TEST--- No Data ---
6/30/1966 3 hBALLOON DESTRUCT TAPE TEST--- No Data ---
7/5/1966 ---SPECTRAL RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
7/12/19664:52 mst7 h 30 mUV SPECTROPHOTOPOLARIMETER--- No Data ---
7/18/1966 7 h 30 mPEPP (Planetary Entry Parachute Program) - TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
8/8/1966 6 h 10 mALBEDO MEASUREMENTS + UHF RELAY TESTS--- No Data ---
8/17/1966 4 h 5 mTEST OF RADAR REFLECTIVE MATERIALS--- No Data ---
8/26/1966 12 h 10 mX-RAY STUDY OF CRAB NEBULA AND OTHER SOURCES--- No Data ---
8/29/1966 3 h 25 mINFRARED MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
9/2/1966 11 h 30 mCOSMIC RAY STUDIES--- No Data ---
9/8/19665:45 utc13 h 15 mGAMMA RAY SPARK CHAMBER--- No Data ---
9/21/1966 5 h 15 mINFRARED STUDIES OF ROCK FORMATIONS--- No Data ---
9/27/1966 1 h 25 mCOSMIC RADIATION MEASUREMENTSBalloon burst at 64.000 ft
10/25/1966 9 h 20 mPHOTOGRAPHIC SPARK CHAMBER--- No Data ---
11/2/1966 4 hBALLOON RECOVERY SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
11/10/1966 3 hRIP TAPE AND CAMERA SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
11/18/1966 13 h 30 mX RAY AND COSMIC RAY MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
11/28/1966 2 h 15 mBALLOON DESTRUCTION TEST--- No Data ---
11/30/1966 5 h 15 mTEST OF VOR BALLOON LOCATION SYSTEM--- No Data ---
12/8/1966 5 h 18 mEVALUATION OF REEL SYSTEM--- No Data ---
12/9/1966 7 h 45 mTEST OF VOR BALLOON LOCATION SYSTEM--- No Data ---
1/5/1967 1 h 45 mTEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
1/10/1967 2 h 25 mCALIBRATION OF BURST SWITCH--- No Data ---
2/14/1967 1 h 45 mBALLOON DYNAMICS TEST--- No Data ---
2/17/1967 55 mBALLOON FAILURE ANALYSISHigh jet turbulence. Balloon failure at 40.000 ft
3/25/19676:12 utc---INFRARED SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
4/7/196714:28 utc---ATMOSPHERIC OPTICS--- No Data ---
5/23/19675:24 UTC---LUNAR MAPPING--- No Data ---
5/27/196708:05 local---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/1/196713:42 utc---INFRARED STUDIES--- No Data ---
6/22/196713:23 utc---SOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
6/22/19675:16 utc---LUNAR MAPPING--- No Data ---
6/26/19676:01 MST3 h 30 mPYRHELIOMETERS--- No Data ---
7/11/196713:37 UTC---ATMOSPHERIC OPTICS--- No Data ---
9/24/1967 ---RECONNAISSANCE CAMERAIn the Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico, US
10/17/19672:04 utc---LUNAR MAPPING--- No Data ---
10/20/196712:11 utc---SOLAR CONSTANT MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
11/4/19677:55 UTC---LIGHT SCATTERING STUDY--- No Data ---
11/16/19674:34 utc---INFRARED LUNAR MAPPING--- No Data ---
11/30/1967 ---SOLAR RADIATION STUDY--- No Data ---
12/2/196720:00 utc---SOLAR RADIATION STUDY--- No Data ---
12/7/1967 ---SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
1/23/19689:10 MSTF 3 h 30 mPYRHELIOMETERS25 miles W of Cave City, New Mexico, US
1/29/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
3/22/1968 ---SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
3/27/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
4/13/1968 6 h 30 m24-INCH TELESCOPE + SPECTROMETER17 miles N of Cavern City, New Mexico, US
4/19/196823:40 mst---AVCO RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/24/19686:02 mst6 h 45 mATMOSPHERIC TRANSMISSION MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
4/26/19686:30 MST5 h 30 mPYRHELIOMETERS--- No Data ---
5/28/19685:51 MDT4 h 10 mPHOTOELECTRIC SKYLIGHT POLARIMETER--- No Data ---
5/28/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC OPTICS RESEARCH--- No Data ---
6/21/1968 10 mNEPHELOMETERDuring launch the automatic release mechanism was damaged, resulting in free-fall of the
payload shortly after launch.
6/25/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
6/29/19686:15 mdt---AVCO RADIOMETERNorth of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
7/1/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
8/12/1968 ---SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
10/8/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
10/10/1968 ---ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
2/25/1969 3 h 30 mSPECTROMETER20 miles NNW of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
4/28/1969 F 14 h 30 mIONIZATION SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
6/4/196920:25 mdt11 h 20 mGAMMA RAY DETECTOR--- No Data ---
11/6/1969 3 hCRISP (Cosmic Ray Ionization Spectrograph Experiment)Balloon failure at 60.000 ft. Payload impact 34 miles NE of Roswell, balloon impact 58 miles E of Roswell, New Mexico, US
2/4/1970 7 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN15 miles N of Longview, Texas, US
2/9/1970 5 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN52 miles S of Wichita Falls, Texas, US
2/10/1970 8 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN3 miles ENE of Nacogdoches, Texas, US
2/20/1970 7 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN42 miles ENE of Amarillo, Texas, US
3/4/1970 4 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN45 miles ESE of Lubbock, Texas, US
5/6/1970 5 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN30 miles NW of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
6/13/1970 5 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN58 miles NW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
6/17/1970 9 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/11/1970 3 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN24 miles NW of Silver City, New Mexico, US
7/13/1970 3 h 45 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/30/1970 3 h 45 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/26/1970 ---CRISP (Cosmic Ray Ionization Spectrograph Experiment)Balloon failure at 48.000 ft.
9/17/1970 ~ 1 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure at 50.000 ft
10/13/1970 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
11/11/1970 28 hIONIZATION SPECTROMETERPayload landed near Orangeburg, South Carolina, US. The balloon continued flight and was last seen 500 miles E of Bermuda
11/18/1970 4 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN15 miles SE of Haskell, Texas, US
12/6/197013:26 mst---RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
12/8/197022:10 local1 h 20 mHIGH ALTITUDE RADIATION STUDIES30 miles SW of Roswell, New Mexico, US
1/16/19712:23 mst---CRISP (Cosmic Ray Ionization Spectrograph Experiment)Balloon failure at 52.000 ft.
2/22/19714:02 mst---FILTER RADIOMETER + SPECTRAL RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
2/25/1971 ---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/4/1971 ---TELESCOPE + IR RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/23/19711:45 mst---FILTER RADIOMETER + SPECTRAL RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
5/11/19711:36 utc~ 3 dLAPE (Large Area Plastic Experiment)--- No Data ---
6/8/197123:53 mdt---INFRARED RADIOMETERNear Socorro, New Mexico, US
6/29/1971 ---SPECTRAL RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
7/14/19718:00 local~ 3 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWNSSW of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
9/9/1971 ---BAPE II (Balloon Atmospheric Propagation Experiment)--- No Data ---
9/13/1971 ---BAPE III (Balloon Atmospheric Propagation Experiment)--- No Data ---
9/22/1971 ---BAPE IV (Balloon Atmospheric Propagation Experiment)--- No Data ---
10/20/1971 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/19/1971 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/6/1972 16 hINFRARED CELESTIAL BACKGROUND MEASUREMENTS45 miles NNE of Los Alamos, New Mexico, US
1/18/1972 4 hSPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
2/14/1972 14 hOBSERVATION OF VENUS AND MARS--- No Data ---
3/3/1972 5 hVIKING INSTRUMENTATION TEST--- No Data ---
3/9/1972 14 hPOWERED BALLOON EXPERIMENT--- No Data ---
4/4/1972 6 h 55 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/6/1972 6 hASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/7/1972 6 h 30 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/19/1972 3 hPARACHUTE TEST--- No Data ---
4/20/1972 5 h 30 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/16/1972 ---INFRARED RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
5/23/1972 6 hINFRARED MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
6/7/1972 5 hSTRATOSPHERIC WIND PROFILE--- No Data ---
6/15/1972 6 hSTRATOSPHERIC WIND PROFILE--- No Data ---
6/19/1972 5 hSTRATOSPHERIC WIND PROFILE--- No Data ---
6/27/1972 ---RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
6/29/1972 5 hBALLOON PROFILE TEST--- No Data ---
8/26/1972 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure at 48.000 ft
9/11/1972 2 hPOBAL (POwered BALlon) - TEST LAUNCH--- No Data ---
9/16/197212:54 utc5 h 18 mPOBAL (POwered BALlon)Balloon impacted 3 miles NW of Tularosa and propulsion unit 3 miles NE of the same city, New Mexico, US
9/18/19723:04 mst6 hSTRATCOM - III (Stratospheric Composition)Near Hillsboro, New Mexico, US
10/16/1972 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/24/1972 7 h 25 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/27/1972 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/2/1972 ---ASHCAN - SCADS SYSTEM TESTPremature termination of the flight due to RF interference
11/3/1972 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
12/12/1972 ---CHEMILUMINESCENT INSTRUMENT--- No Data ---
1/30/1973 5 h 30 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN13 miles W of Piñon, New Mexico, US
3/22/1973 ---ASHCAN - SCADS SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
4/6/1973 ---RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
4/10/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/11/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/17/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/24/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/27/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/17/1973 ---EPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/24/1973 ---EPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/29/1973 ---EPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
6/4/1973 ---RADIOMETER--- No Data ---
6/6/1973 ---POBAL (POwered BALlon)--- No Data ---
7/30/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/22/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/24/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/28/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/24/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/31/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/6/1973 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/13/1973 ---CHEMILUMINESCENT INSTRUMENT--- No Data ---
1/4/1974 12 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN1 mile W of Three Rivers, New Mexico, US
4/12/1974 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/22/1974 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/22/19748:20 utc---STRATCOM - V (Stratospheric Composition)--- No Data ---
6/20/19747:48 mst7 hPOLAR NEPHELOMETERNear Silver City, New Mexico, US
6/27/19747:15 mdt7 hLIQUID HELIUM SPECTROMETER + OZONE DETECTORSouth of Phoenix, Arizona, US
7/30/1974 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/25/1974 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/21/1975 ---EPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
2/19/19753:42 mst9 h 15 mLIQUID HELIUM SPECTROMETER + RADIOMETER + X-RAY DETECTOR10 miles E of Big Springs, Texas, US
4/9/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/14/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/15/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/16/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/20/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/23/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
9/23/197522:57 mst33 h 38 mSTRATCOM - VI-A (Stratospheric Composition)30 km SE of Holbrook, Arizona, US
9/26/197514:48 mst---STRATCOM - VI-B (Stratospheric Composition)Near Deming, New Mexico, US
10/9/1975V10 hBELL/SANDIA GAMMA RAY TELESCOPE--- No Data ---
10/15/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/20/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/29/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/31/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/5/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/7/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/11/1975 ---ALBS (Air-Launched Balloon System)--- No Data ---
11/14/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
12/2/1975 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/27/1976 ---CRYOGENIC WHOLE AIR SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
2/6/1976 ---CRYOGENIC WHOLE AIR SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
2/8/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/12/1976 ---CRYOGENIC WHOLE AIR SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
2/13/1976 5 h 30 mASHCAN27 miles NE of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
2/15/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/17/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/18/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/23/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/26/1976 7 h 15 mASHCAN20 miles ESE of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
4/19/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/10/1976V20 hBELL/SANDIA GAMMA RAY TELESCOPENear Rock Springs, Texas, US
6/17/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
6/21/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
6/23/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
6/25/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
6/29/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/7/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/28/19764:00 local---CORONA ANEMOMETER--- No Data ---
8/21/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/23/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/25/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/30/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
9/1/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
9/14/1976 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
9/27/1976 ---STRATCOM - VII-A (Stratospheric Composition)--- No Data ---
11/1/1976 ---ASHCANBalloon failed at launch
11/2/1976 ---ASHCANAerial recovery of the payload
11/3/1976 ---ASHCANBalloon failed at launch
11/4/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/6/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/8/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/15/1976 ---RFI TEST OF SCADS-2 SYSTEM--- No Data ---
11/18/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/22/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
12/3/1976 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
12/4/1976 ---BALLOON-BORNE ION SAMPLER--- No Data ---
1/11/1977 5 h 30 mASHCAN58 mi. NNW of Tucumcari, New Mexico, US
1/13/1977 3 h 30 mASHCAN37 mi. N of Roswell, New Mexico, US
1/17/1977 ---ASHCANaborted flight by launch vehicle failure
1/19/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/24/1977 ---ASHCANBalloon burst at 35.000 ft
1/28/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/5/1977 ---CRYOGENIC SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
2/9/1977 ---SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
2/16/1977 ---CRYOGENIC SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
2/17/1977 ---SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
4/18/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/21/1977 ---UV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/6/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/9/1977 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
5/16/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/17/1977 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
5/19/19778:38 local---PIONEER VENUS PROBE PARACHUTE TESTOver the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, US
6/22/19777:25 mdt---QUADRUPOLE MASS FILTER--- No Data ---
8/19/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/22/1977 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
8/26/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/29/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
9/1/1977 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
9/7/1977 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
9/10/1977 ---BALLOON-BORNE ION SAMPLER--- No Data ---
9/28/197712:51 mst6 h 30 mSTRATCOM - VIII-B (Stratospheric Composition)--- No Data ---
9/29/19776:07 mst30 h 30 mSTRATCOM - VIII-A (Stratospheric Composition)--- No Data ---
10/12/1977 ---ASHCANFailure in the aerial recovery operation. Payload was destroyed
10/14/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/18/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/20/1977 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/27/1978 7 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN30 miles E of Pecos, Texas, US
2/15/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
4/6/1978 ---BAMM (Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements)Failed flight
4/12/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/13/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/15/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/19/1978 ---UV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/4/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
5/12/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
7/18/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/20/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
7/22/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/25/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/28/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
9/1/1978 ---ALBS (Air-Launched Balloon System)Underinflated balloon. Payload damaged and mission failure
9/28/1978 ---BAMM (Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements)--- No Data ---
10/5/1978 F 8 hASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/17/1978 ---ASHCAN--- Sin Datos ---
10/27/1978 ---MICHELSON INTERFEROMETER--- No Data ---
11/17/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/18/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/28/1978 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/23/1979 ---SAMPLER CASSETTE--- No Data ---
3/23/19798:25 local+ 6 hCOMMAND RANGE AND CUTDOWN SYSTEM TEST--- No Data ---
4/6/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/17/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/21/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/24/1979 ---SAMPLER CASSETTE--- No Data ---
5/29/1979 F 11 hBAMM (Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements)--- No Data ---
6/21/1979 ---CRYOGENIC SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
6/25/1979 ---GRAB SAMPLER--- No Data ---
6/27/1979 ---FAST DESCENT BALLOON TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
6/28/1979 ---HASP (High Altitude Smoke Program)--- No Data ---
7/15/1979 ---FAST DESCENT BALLOON TEST FLIGHT--- No Data ---
7/17/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/24/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/26/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/21/1979 ---IR SOLAR SPECTRUM MEASUREMENTSBalloon failure. Desired altitude not reached
9/13/1979 ---SUN PHOTOMETERGondola destroyed
10/3/1979 9 h 50 mSAMPLING INTERCOMPARISON FLIGHT--- No Data ---
10/8/1979 ---BAMM (Balloon Altitude Mosaic Measurements)--- No Data ---
10/10/1979 ---INTERFEROMETER--- No Data ---
10/16/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
10/19/1979 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
1/16/1980 36 mPAYOLAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
1/24/1980 8 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN5 miles SSW of Cavern City, New Mexico, US
2/2/198014:01 utc3 hFAST DESCENT BALLOON TEST FLIGHT17 miles SSE of Hobbs, New Mexico, US
2/5/198013:44 utc4 h 20 mFAST DESCENT BALLOON TEST FLIGHT12 miles NE of Cavern City, New Mexico, US
2/10/1980 4 hSOLAR MEASUREMENTS32 miles NE of Lubbock, Texas, US
4/4/1980 9 hASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/6/1980 4 h 25 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
4/10/1980 9 h 50 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/14/1980 5 h 50 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/27/1980 9 h 10 mUV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
4/28/1980 7 h 10 mTRIWAS sampler--- No Data ---
5/1/1980 7 h 10 mCRYOGENIC SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
5/1/1980 5 h 45 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
5/27/198013:00 utc6 h 45 mEPSILON AEROSOL SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
6/13/1980 11 h 25 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
6/23/1980 5 h 50 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
7/23/1980 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/25/1980 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/29/1980 7 h 40 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
8/10/1980 12 h 10 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
8/15/1980 12 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN21 miles E of Needles, California, US
10/8/1980 5 h 45 mSCRIBE (Stratospheric CRyogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)7 miles N of Holloman AFB, New Mexico, US
10/9/1980 7 h 15 mASHCAN21 miles E of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
10/16/1980 2 h 20 mASHCANBalloon Failure - Low Float altitude
11/12/1980 20 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
3/9/1981 8 h 55 mPOSITIVE ION MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
3/19/1981 4 h 10 mSOLAR IR MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
4/1/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/5/1981 5 h 40 mASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/9/1981 5 h 50 mSOLAR IRRADIANCE MEASUREMENTS--- No Data ---
4/22/1981 ---UV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/31/1981 ---DFS (Direct Flow Sampler) + CRYOGENIC SAMPLER--- No Data ---
6/4/1981 8 hDFS (Direct Flow Sampler) + CRYOGENIC SAMPLER--- No Data ---
6/25/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/7/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
7/13/1981 ---ASHCANBalloon failure during inflation
7/14/1981 ---ASHCANBalloon failure at launch
7/14/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
9/29/1981 5 h 15 mBIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)16 miles NE of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
10/7/198114:26 utc6 h 15 mSCRIBE (Stratospheric CRyogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)39 miles NE of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, US
10/7/1981 ---CHLORINE ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTSBalloon failure at launch
10/8/1981 54 h 30 mCHLORINE ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENTS21 miles NE of Farmington, Missouri, US
10/20/1981 4 h 15 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN13.5 miles SE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
10/27/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
11/2/1981 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
2/7/1982 6 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN225 miles ESE of Guthrie, Texas, US
4/6/1982 ---DFS (Direct Flow Sampler) + CRYOGENIC SAMPLER (AFGL)--- No Data ---
5/12/1982 ---ASHCAN--- No Data ---
5/21/1982 ---BIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)--- No Data ---
6/16/1982 ---SCRIBE (Stratospheric CRyogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)--- No Data ---
8/5/1982 ---ASHCAN - CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
8/17/1982 ---ASHCAN - CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
10/4/1982 13 h 15 mBIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)18 miles S of Big Spring, Texas, US
10/29/1982 ---ASHCAN - CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
11/5/1982 ---ASHCAN - CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
1/23/1983 13 h 30 mASHCAN - CASSETTE SAMPLER--- No Data ---
2/18/1983 5 hDIGITAL COMMAND AND TELEMETRY TEST43 miles NE of New Bern, North Carolina, US
4/20/1983 4 hUV SPECTROMETER--- No Data ---
5/16/1983 ---BIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)--- No Data ---
5/20/1983 ---SHARP (Stabilized High Altitude Research Platform)--- No Data ---
6/21/1983 ---BIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)Balloon burst
6/24/1983 ---BIMS (Balloon Borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)--- No Data ---
9/17/1983 ---DUCKY IBalloon failure. Aborted flight
9/19/1983 ---DUCKY IGround abort. No flight
10/5/1983 7 h 15 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN55 miles NE of Lubbock, Texas, US
10/11/19838:11 MDT7 h 20 mDUCKY IaLovington, New Mexico, US
10/23/198312:10 utcF 30 mSCRIBE (Stratospheric CRyogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)24.6 miles SE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
11/7/1983 8 h 30 mSHAD (Stellar Horizon Atmospheric Dispersion)--- No Data ---
2/16/1984 6 h 15 mSHARP (Stabilized High Altitude Research Platform)37 miles N of New Bern, North Carolina, US
2/28/1984 9 hASHCAN (Cosmos 1402 debris sampling)10 miles SW of Gila Bend, Arizona, US
3/13/1984 ---ASHCAN (Cosmos 1402 debris sampling)--- No Data ---
4/5/1984 ---ATMOSPHERIC SAMPLERNear Lubbock, Texas, US
7/29/1984 ---GAMMA RAY INSTRUMENTBalloon failure
8/4/1984 6 hGAMMA RAY INSTRUMENT30 miles SE of Phoenix, Arizona, US
3/6/1985 ---TRAINING FLIGHT--- No Data ---
4/30/1985 6 h 30 mINFRARED SENSING PLATFORM - DENVER 142 miles W of Midland, Texas, US
5/15/1985 ---INFRARED SENSING PLATFORM - DENVER 2--- No Data ---
5/24/1985 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure
5/28/1985 ---PAYLOAD UNKNOWNBalloon failure
6/6/1985 ---BIMS (Balloon-borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)Failure of the balloon in flight
6/13/1985 F 7 hBIMS (Balloon-borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)--- No Data ---
10/5/1985 F 8 hBIMS (Balloon-borne Ion Mass Spectrometer)13 miles SE of San Angelo, Texas, US
10/24/19858:24 MDT10 hDUCKY II17 miles ESE of Roswell VOR station, New Mexico, US
12/3/1985 ---ASTROFILM E BALLOON FLIGHT TESTBalloon burst at 50.600 ft. Recovered at Timberon, New Mexico, US
3/12/1986 ---PATHFINDER--- No Data ---
3/22/1986 4 h 20 mASTROFILM E BALLOON FLIGHT TEST + ASHCAN--- No Data ---
4/12/1986 ---PATHFINDERBalloon tracking failed
6/12/1986 ---PATHFINDER--- No Data ---
6/17/1986 4 hASTROFILM E BALLOON FLIGHT TEST--- No Data ---
12/12/1986 ---ASTROFILM E BALLOON FLIGHT TESTNorth of Carlsbad, New Mexico, US
1/14/19872:55 local5 h 45 mASTROFILM LOW LIGHT LEVEL30 miles NE of Roswell, New Mexico, US
5/16/19873:36 local ALFAN II (Airborne Measurement of Low Frequency Atmospheric Noise)Near Deming, New Mexico, US
11/2/1988 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
11/3/1988 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
11/29/1988 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
11/30/1988 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
5/9/1989 ---ASHCAN + GAS (Get Away Special)Balloon burst after release. Ground abort
5/10/1989 ---ASHCAN + GAS (Get Away Special)5 miles N of Orogrande, New Mexico, US
5/23/1989 ---SCRIBE (Stratospheric CRyogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)S of Roswell, New Mexico, US
9/22/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/23/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/24/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/26/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/29/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/30/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/30/1989 ---PATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
9/30/198918:42 mdt18 hPATHFINDER PROGRAM--- No Data ---
5/23/1991 ---SCRIBE (Stratospheric Cryogenic Interferometer Balloon Experiment)--- No Data ---
10/??/1993 ---OBJS (Off-board Balloon Jammer System)--- No Data ---
5/21/19967:41 mdt2 hSP5 (Super Pressure 5)Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico, US
3/6/19978:30 local time---ALPHA--- No Data ---
5/??/199807:00 MST5 hBALLOON TEST FLIGHT30 miles N of Roswell
2/24/199907:14 MST---TECHNOLOGICAL FLIGHTnear Loving, New Mexico, US
8/20/2000 ---INVESTIGATION OF UPPER ATMOSPHERIC TURBULENCEWhite Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, US
10/??/2001 ---HARBOR MIST (High Altitude RIT Balloon Operations Research Multispectral Imaging System Test)--- No Data ---
6/4/2008 ---HISENTINEL (Stratospheric Airship)--- No Data ---
11/15/2008 ---BALLOONWINDSGround abort
11/2/20138:55 local~ 4 hSPIRAL 1WSW of Roswell, New Mexico, US
10/28/2014 ~ 8 hMULTI-INSTRUMENTAL GONDOLA--- No Data ---

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