In the table below you will find the records of stratospheric balloons launched from different countries and places during 2023, which are currently available in StratoCat's database. Each row shows basic data about the launch base from which departed, date and time of the launch, and if available the duration of the mission and the site of termination or landing place of the payload.

Regarding the kind of payload or experiment transported in each balloon mission, if you click the experiment name a text will be displayed showing the name of the scientific institutions involved in that mission, a brief resume of the purpose of the experiment carried onboard as well the scientific results obtained, and other information of relevance from that particular mission. Finaly at the bottom of the window there are links to external references. In some cases, these references are available throught scientific websites or journals for free. In other cases however, the information was published on journals only accesible throught direct suscription or using the access provided by Universities or research centers.

Launch baseDateFlight DurationExperimentPayload landing place or cause of the failure
Santa Fe County (NM)1/312 d 8 h 49 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61612 km SSW of Encino, New Mexico, US
Santa Fe County (NM)2/13 d 11 h 49 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 617Last known position in the Atlantic Ocean, 220 km ESE of Savannah, Georgia, US
Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2/72 d 16 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61816 km S of Brainerd, Minnesota, US
Raven campus, Baltic (SD)2/101 d 21 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 61926 km S of Owatonna, Minnesota, US
TIFR Hyderabad2/17---FPS100 - INFRARED TELESCOPEIn Nagarkurnool district, Telangana, India
Indiantown (FL)3/262 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 620Last known position in the Gulf of Guinea, Atlantic Ocean
Fabens (TX)3/105 hSTRATOLLITE - SCEPTER PERMIAN TEST60 km W from Fort Stockton, Texas, US
Hurley (SD)3/152 d 15 h 15 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6215 miles W of Milton, Minnesota, US
Madras Muni. (OR)3/18~ 2 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWN50 km E of Madras, Oregon, US
Waimea (HI)3/27~ 15 hSTRATOLLITE - HAWAIIAN TEST #1Sunk in the Pacific Ocean
Hurley (SD)3/298 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 622Near Swedona, Illinois, US
Waimea (HI)3/31~ 15 hSTRATOLLITE - HAWAIIAN TEST #2Sunk in the Pacific Ocean
Hurley (SD)4/39 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6237 miles SW of Austin, Minnesota, US
Buckeye (AZ)4/88 d 22 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 624Near Hurley, South Dakota, US
Buckeye (AZ)4/97 d 22 h 20 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 625South of Parker, South Dakota, US
Buckeye (AZ)4/103 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 626Near Painted Rock Dam, Maricopa County, Arizona, US
Florence (AZ)4/124 d 20 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 627Near Emen, South Dakota, US
Wanaka4/1539 d 13 hSuperBIT (Super Pressure Balloon Imaging Telescope)120 km NE of Gobernador Gregores, Santa Cruz, Argentina
Alice Springs4/2926 h 45 mGRAINE (Gamma-Ray Astro-Imager with Nuclear Emulsion)220 km S of Longreach, Queensland, Australia
Hurley (SD)5/383 d 8 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 62820 km S of Atkinson, Nebraska, US
Alice Springs5/117 hSRC (Sample Return Capsule)In Queensland, Australia
Tillamook (OR)5/121 h 40 mPAYLOAD UNKNOWN--- No Data ---
Wanaka5/1337 hEUSO-SPB2 (Extreme Universe Space Observatory on a Super-Pressure Balloon 2)Sunk in the southern Pacific Ocean, 1000 kilometers SW of Rapa Iti Island, part of the French Polynesia.
Roswell (NM)5/172 h 30 mSCEYE- STRATOSPHERIC AIRSHIP27 km E of Roswell, New Mexico, US
Hurley (SD)5/2412 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 629 - TechLeap Prize75 km SE of Bend, Oregon, US
Hurley (SD)6/1343 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 632Near Moulton, Iowa, US
Hurley (SD)6/1348 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 631Near Kimball, South Dakota, US
Hurley (SD)6/147 h 20 mTECHRISE STUDENT CHALLENGE6 km south of Alcester, South Dakota, US
Hurley (SD)6/2035 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 63317 km E of Fessenden, North Dakota, US
Hurley (SD)6/2120 d 6 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 634SE of Grand Island, Nebraska, US
Hurley (SD)6/288 d 19 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 635NW of Mercer, Wisconsin, US
Roswell (NM)7/14 hSCEYE- STRATOSPHERIC AIRSHIPN of Lovington, New Mexico, US
Taiki7/8~ 2 hRERA #2 (Rubber balloon Experiment for Reentry capsule with thin-type Aeroshell)In the Pacific Ocean, 110 km E of Taiki, Japan
Taiki7/9~ 2 hRERA #3 (Rubber balloon Experiment for Reentry capsule with thin-type Aeroshell)In the Pacific Ocean, 90 km E of Taiki, Japan
Hurley (SD)7/112 d 13 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 636W of Lennox, South Dakota, US
Palestine (TX)7/166 h 20 mWHATSUP (Water Hunting Advanced Terahertz Spectrometer on a Ultra Small Platform)W of Blackwell,Texas, US
Hurley (SD)7/218 hTECHRISE STUDENT CHALLENGENear Vermillion, South Dakota, US
Hurley (SD)7/2110 d 22 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 63825 km S of Hastings, Nebraska, US
Page (AZ)7/24---TECHRISE STUDENT CHALLENGELast known position S of Utah, US
Taiki7/262 hMABE-2 (Mars Airplane Balloon Experiment Two)In the Pacific Ocean 40 km E of Taiki, Japan
Taiki7/273 h 20 mGRAMS (Gamma-Ray and AntiMatter Survey)In the Pacific Ocean 35 km SE of Taiki, Japan
Hurley (SD)8/13 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 879THNear Brule, Nebraska, US
Dagget (CA)8/514 d 12 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 648In Temblor Range, 65 km W of Bakersfield, California, US
Dagget (CA)8/555 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 650Balloon failure. 25 km NE of the launch site
Timmins (ON)8/87 h 45 mCOMICSIn the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve, Ontario, Canada
Dagget (CA)8/92 d 7 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65126 km NE of the launch site
Dagget (CA)8/1113 d 3 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 64960 km N of Great Falls, Montana, US
Dagget (CA)8/1115 h 45 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65225 km NE of Paso Robles, California, US
Timmins (ON)8/15---BESAFEIn Grassy River, Ontario, Canada
Hurley (SD)8/1657 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 653In the Caribbean Sea, 100 km W of Great Inagua, Bahamas Archipelago
Page (AZ)8/1611 hSTRATOLLITE - GRYPHON 29NW of Mesquite, Nevada, US
Roswell (NM)8/163 hSCEYE- STRATOSPHERIC AIRSHIP46 km W of Artesia, New Mexico, US
Fort Sumner (NM)8/195 hSALTER TEST FLIGHT20 km NE of Socorro, New Mexico, US
Timmins (ON)8/225 h 10 mHICIBAS56 km W of Gogama, Ontario, Canada
Timmins (ON)8/2714 h 30 mpre-TRANSAT30 km WNW of Timmins, Ontario, Canada
Fort Sumner (NM)8/276 h 30 mGRAPE (Gamma-Ray Polarimeter Experiment) + ComPairSW of Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
Inyokern (CA)8/283 d 7 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65614 km N of Dyer, Nevada, US
Inyokern (CA)8/284 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 65718 km NNW of Dyer, Nevada, US
Inyokern (CA)8/282 d 6 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 655Inside borders of Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake, California, US
Inyokern (CA)8/283 d 5 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 654In Inyo National Forest, California, US
Hurley (SD)8/307 h 30 mSOLD (Stratospheric Optical Link Demonstration)14 km SW of Hurley, South Dakota, US
Tillamook (OR)9/65 hPAYLOAD UNKNOWNNW of Hillsboro, Oregon, US
Fort Sumner (NM)9/713 hHASP 2023 (High Altitude Student Platform)45 km NE of Quemado, New Mexico, US
Hurley (SD)9/85 d 4 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 659Near Byron, New York, US
Hurley (SD)9/122 d 9 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 660NE of Bucyrus, Ohio, US
ESRANGE9/21---BEXUS 33 (Balloon EXperiments for University Students)--- No Data ---
ESRANGE9/243 h 31 mBEXUS 32 (Balloon EXperiments for University Students)--- No Data ---
Fort Sumner (NM)9/2511 hFIREBALL (Faint Intergalactic-medium Redshifted Emission Balloon)North of Vaughan, New Mexico, USA
Fort Sumner (NM)9/2715 hJPL REMOTESE of Dawn, Texas, US
León10/42 h 39 mBLUE JAY #3N of Gordaliza del Pino, Leon, Spain
Réunion Island10/842 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 615Last known position 350 km NW of Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean
Réunion Island10/88 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 663Last known position 50 km NE of Reunion Island, Indian Ocean
Santa Fe County (NM)10/178 d 5 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 664NW of Marion, Arkansas, US
Franklin (IN)10/1813 d 2 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 666SE of Belle Glade, Florida, US
Hurley (SD)10/2395 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 6614 km W of Woostock, Minnesota, US
Hurley (SD)10/24~ 22 dTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 665Last known position on the Pacific Ocean 1000 km W of Costa Rica
Hurley (SD)11/211 h 50 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 667Near Orangeville, Michigan, US
Roswell (NM)11/31 h 30 mSCEYE- STRATOSPHERIC AIRSHIP48 km E of Roswell, New Mexico, US
Hurley (SD)11/298 hTHUNDERHEAD VUELO N258TH - HYDROGEN TESTNear Center Junction, Iowa, US
Hurley (SD)12/17 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 669Near Altura, Minnesota, US
Santa Fe County (NM)12/72 d 23 hTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 67022 km SSW of Plainview, Texas, US
McMurdo12/1015 d 17 hLAURA (Long durAtion evalUation solaR hand Launch)In the Ronne Ice Shelf, 170 km S of Belgrano II base, Antarctica
Fox Run Regional Park (CO)12/126 h 20 mTHUNDERHEAD FLIGHT 671Near Sharon Springs, Kansas, US
McMurdo12/3157 dGUSTO (Galactic / Extragalactic ULDB Spectroscopic Terahertz Observatory)380 km S of Mawson Station, Antarctica

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