Articles of the month

  • January 31 2017

    Balloon news in brief # 1

    A compilation of informations relative to scientific ballooning published around the world in the past few weeks.

    Take a look at what's going on in the field: upcoming projects and launch campaigns, online articles, and interesting items worth reading.

  • January 20 2017

    GRIPS instrument succesfuly recovered

    South Pole Station, Antarctica.- About 21:30 utc on January 30, 2016 a strange artifact which descended in an orange and white parachute, altered the windy and isolated landscape of the Pensacola Mountains, in Antarctica. The device resembling a giant seesaw, impacted the ice, crushing part of its structure.

    A few days after, a small recovery team reached the scene in a plane and rushed to the downed instrument to recover its precious cargo...

  • January 2 2017

    NASA's Antarctic balloon campaign comes to an end

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica.- In less than 72 hours, NASA has landed the three large balloons that since the end of November orbited the ice-cold and rugged landscapes of the Antarctic continent. Now the only thing left is the task of retrieving and bringing back to McMurdo the instruments that have landed in various parts of the continent: some at stone's throw from the base and others in places farther away.

    Unlike what happened in previous years, the tasks will be favored by the fact that the agency will have more logistical resources at its disposal thanks to the early completion of the flight phase of the campaign ...