Articles of the month

  • December, 29 2016

    BACCUS completes it's mission after 30 days aloft

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica.- It looks like a perfectly calculated maneuver, or one of those "manual" cases that are often used to illustrate how a given process should occur, in a complete and perfect way: just a couple of hours after completing both the first month of flight and its Third anticyclonic turn on the Antarctic ice, the balloon that carried the experiment BACCUS, has finished its journey

    The remarkable fact lies in the landing site: it is located merely 50 nautic miles from the original launch base...

  • December, 18 2016

    NASA has five balloons flying around Antarctica

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica.- "Back in home for christmas". Probably that phrase alone represents the most unreachable and distant wish anyone can have while taking part of a NASA balloon launch campaign in the white continent.

    However, for the joy of the Columbia Scientific Balloon Facility launch crew and their families, a mix of a unusually cooperative weather, hard work of the scientific teams and the right decisions, could make it happen ...

  • December, 6 2016

    ANITA IV mission launched from McMurdo

    McMurdo Station, Antarctica.- The second mission of the 2016/2017 NASA balloon launch campaign in the white continent, started a few days ago, with the launch of a stratospheric balloon measuring 39.000.000 cubic feet of volume, from the Williams Field airport near McMurdo station.

    Unlike last year's, the weather seems to be more cooperative and allowed to have in the air two of three payloads in such an early stage of the summer launch window....