KENNEDY, Gregory P.

Gregory P. Kennedy is an internationally known expert in aerospace history and informal educator.

He was born in Washington DC and as a teenager he used to hang out at the Smithsonian Institution whenever he had off from school. This led to his first job in the museum field, at the National Air and Space Museum where he worked 14 years (with a three year break to serve in the US Army). After that he moved to New Mexico. At the Air and Space Museum, he was Associate Curator for Manned Space Flight, and became Executive Director of the International Space Hall of Fame.

He also managed other museums in Texas, Kansas and Pennsylvania, all of them related to aviation and space flight, including the American Airlines C. R. Smith Museum; and No.1 British Flying Training School Museum. He has authored, co-authored, or edited eight books on space history.

It was during his tenure at the Smithsonian that he became fascinated with Project Manhigh and the contributions of high-altitude ballooning to space exploration. At the Space Center (currently known as the New Mexico Museum of Space History) in Alamogordo, New Mexico, Mr. Kennedy met many Project Manhigh personnel. This would led years later to the publication of "Touching Space: The Story of Project Manhigh", the best documented book about the project which was released by Schiffer Publishing Company of Atglen, Pennsylvania.

Today, he lives in Philadelphia and work at The National AeroSpace Training and Research (NASTAR) Center in Southampton, where he conducts training for commercial spaceflight participants and suborbital scientists, along with various workshops and summer-camp programs which he has created for teachers and students.

Recently, he was selected by Citizens in Space, a project of the United States Rocket Academy, to join four other citizen-astronaut candidates who are training to fly in the near future as payload operators on the Lynx spacecraft, currently under construction by XCOR Aerospace in Mojave, California.

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